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1. Why I get reject response, INVALID/DUPLICATE NAME EXISTS, when I try to remove the spaces between the passenger given names?
(e.g. From passenger name 1CHAN/TAI MAN JOHN MR change to 1CHAN/TAIMANJOHN MR)

Removing or adding spaces in the passenger names is not regarded as a name change per 1A. It is rather a duplication of the original name.

To resolve the issue, suggest to take 2 separate transactions as below :
1st transaction : To remove the spaces and the pax title, ie 1CHAN/TAIMANJOHN
2nd transaction : To restore the pax title to the the name , ie 1CHAN/TAIMANJOHN MR


2. Why I cannot add an later flight SINHKG ( e.g. CX716/20SEP 1810/ 2205 ) after below married segments are made in the PNR?

1 CX 734 Y 20SEP 6 SINHKG HK1 1605 2000
2 CX 101 Y 20SEP 6 HKGSYD HK1 2355 1105+1

It is not allowed to add any flights with departure time fall between the married set as system identified it as an OD abuse.

For this case, you have to release CX734 before you can book CX716.


3. Why the unwanted flight is still kept in CX PNR while the agent has cancelled it and rebooked passenger to a new flight?

It would be the case when the booking messages are processed out of sequence due to the agent performs numerous changes within a very short period of time.

For instance :
1st booking message – To request CX888Y20SEP HKGYVR
2nd booking message – To cancel CX888Y20SEP HKGYVR and rebook CX838Y20SEP HKGYVR

If the 2nd message arrives CX earlier than the first one, CX will create a PNR with CX838Y20SEP HKGYVR but disregard CX888 due no record found at that time. Hence when CX receives the first message after the booking is made per the 2nd message, CX888 will then be added to the PNR as a ‘new’ request. That explains why the unwanted flight ( ie CX888) is also kept in CX record though the agent has already cancelled it.

Apart from PNR un-synchronisation, such incident may also induce the problem in the process of dupe check by keeping the LATEST BOOKING FLIGHT.

For this case, CX838 would be auto released (HX) as it is inserted earlier than CX888 into the PNR per above.

As a consequence, passenger might show up at the airport with no record on CX838.


4. Why passenger does not receive the notiFLY messages even though passenger’s mobile information has been submitted to CX at times of reservations?

This may happen when passenger’s mobile information is not sent to CX in proper AIRIMP format.

Please ensure the three-letter city code (e.g. HKG, SEL, SYD..etc) is inserted right preceded the mobile numbers in the OSI, e.g.
OSI CX CTCM HKG 98765432

Note : Please do not input IDD Code (e.g. 852 per above example ) in the OSI as our notiFLY system will auto define the IDD Code from the CITY code.


5. Why Cathay Pacific still keeps the flight active in the PNR while GDS has already sent the cancellation to Cathay Pacific?

With the new Departure Control System (DCS), Cathay Pacific would not remove the ‘cancelled’ flight from the PNR if the passenger has already checked in.

To enable PNR synchronisation, please remind passenger to cancel check-in acceptance via Online Check-in (OLCI) before the segment cancellation is done in travel agent record. The process is

  1. Display Check-in record via Online Check-in
  2. “cancel check-in” button
  3. Confirm