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All paid seats are non-transferrable, non-refundable, and non-rerouteable with the following exceptions:

  • If the flight is changed due to disruption.
  • The flight is cancelled by Cathay Pacific Airways.
  • A connecting flight operated by Cathay Pacific is missed because of delay of a previous Cathay Pacific operated flight.
  • The selected Extra Legroom Seat is no longer available once your customer changed to a different flight.
  • If seat is changed due to operational, safety, or security reasons and we are unable to offer your customer a suitable alternative seat. This excludes passengers who do not fulfill the necessary safety requirements listed under Remarks section and are reassigned to other Regular Seats at check-in and boarding.
  • If your customer chooses to upgrade to a higher cabin class after winning an Upgrade Bid or by paying a fare difference.
  • If your customer chooses to upsell to a higher fare brand that comes with free seat reservation.

Refund will be made in the amount originally charged at the time of purchase.


Refund Procedure:

A Refundable Application Form (RAA) from BSP Link (or an equivalent form in My ARC for the US market) shall be submitted to the Airline office with evidence provided when Refund circumstances are met. Please attach the supporting document such as PNR record/history, boarding pass for verification when submitting the RAA. 

  • Paid seat must be removed from the passenger record before refunding of BSP EMD-A.
  • The EMD-A must be disassociated from ETKT to avoid the coupon being lifted with ETKT, otherwise the BSP EMD-A with final status code is irreversible and will prohibit further actions from being taken.

Passenger should contact the travel agent to apply refund when the EMD is issued by travel agent. In case passenger contacts Cathay Pacific directly, Cathay Pacific will advise the passenger to contact the issuing agent for refund application.

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