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General rules and conditions

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  1. Seats are subject to availability and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  2. You may reserve seats up to 1 hour prior to scheduled flight departure time.
  3. Free seat eligibility is assessed after the flight itinerary is priced and ticketed.
  4. Chargeable seats may be subject to cancel until an accountable document (EMD) is issued and provided that the flight booking remains active and ticketed.
  5. Free seats are subject to cancel if the flight booking is cancelled or not ticketed before the ticket time limit.
  6. Seats may be reassigned if passengers fail to check in 20 minutes before airport counter closed and no refund will be arranged.
  7. Seats may be reassigned due to operational, safety, or security reasons. In such involuntary situations, refund of the amount originally charged is permitted. For details about Refund, please refer to Refund section below.
  8. Most Extra Legroom Seats may only be booked by passengers meeting the exit row safety requirements. Please refer to the Safety Requirements of Extra Legroom Seats section for details.
  9. Your customer will not be able to print boarding pass online after online check-in if there is unpaid chargeable seat product in the booking.
  10. Please contact Cathay Pacific local sales or our Customer Care hotline if you are unable to book a seat and issue EMD for your customers. If the seats are reserved and paid via Cathay Pacific offices, all subsequent changes can be handled by Cathay Pacific offices only. Please remind your customers accordingly.
  11. You shall carefully handle your customer’s seat arrangement. For example, if you changed the passengers' paid seats without their consent, resulting them in not getting their preferred seats at the airport and requires Cathay Pacific to reassign other passengers to accommodate, Cathay Pacific reserves the right to issue ADM against your travel agency.
  12. Cathay Pacific reserves the right to issue ADM against your travel agency if you, by any means, abuse the seat inventory and pricing. Our revenue integrity system and team will screen and detect any misconduct. 


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