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Cathay Pacific / China - Greater Bay Area Ferry Codeshare Partnership with Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co. Ltd

Please be informed that Cathay Pacific has a new codeshare cooperation with Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co. Ltd (CKS) in which Cathay Pacific will place its marketing code CX* on 3A ferry operation between HKG and China - Greater Bay Area. 


Phase I

Sales launch: 07 NOV 2018 Operational launch 22 NOV 2018

The first phase will be launched for below point of sales:

  • China - Greater Bay Area (to worldwide)
  • United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore (to China – Greater Bay Area)

Phase II

Sales launch: 09 Dec 2019

  • Japan (to China – Greater Bay Area)

Other point of sales will be cutover by phases and timeline to be advised. 

Codeshare scope:

Between HKIA Sky Pier (HKG) and Ferry Piers:

Ferry Pier Ferry Pier Code
Humen ZTI
Lian Hua Shan ZIY
Nan Sha NSZ
She Kou ZYK
Shenzhen Fu Yong FYG
Zhong Shan ZGN
Zhu Hai ZUI


Customer Benefit

  • Customers can now make their travel plans ahead by securing flight and ferry tickets in advance to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.
  • Customers no longer need to queue to purchase ferry ticket.
  • Agents can issue the ferry journey as part of a Cathay Pacific ticket.
  • Hong Kong Departure Tax is not charged as this is classified as an international connecting service.
  • Customers no longer need to queue at SkyPier to obtain a Hong Kong Departure Tax refund


About the Codeshare Ferry Services

  1. What are the Cathay Pacific flight number ranges for the Ferry Codeshare ?
    Ferry company Direction Codeshare flight number
    Chu Kong Passenger Transport Co.Ltd Ex-HKG CX9800-9899 odd number


    To-HKG CX9800-9899 even number


  2. What equipment code is filed for the ferry segment?

    The equipment code appears as LCH (Launch / Boat)


  3. How to book CKS codeshare flights?

    Travel agents shall use ferry pier codes for availability display and sales when create CKS codeshare booking.

  4. Is it allowed to book the ferry segment alone?

    No. It must be booked in bundle with immediate connection of Cathay Pacific prime flight or Cathay Pacific marketing codeshare flight.


  5. What booking classes are available for the ferry segment?

    First class (J) and Economy class (Y), all ferry services have dual classes except ZGN – Y only.


  6. What is the booking range of the ferry service?

    It can be booked up to 360 days and inventory will be closed on the day of ferry departure.


  7. What fares and fare types are available?

    Fares and Fare Types are filed by Cathay Pacific through ATPCO. Please use the appropriate entry to display available fares and fare types. Please refer to respective GDS Help Page for fare entries.

    Travel agents are always recommended to perform auto pricing to get the correct fares and fare rules.


  8. How to book the best connecting time for passengers?

    The availability display in GDSs are considered with Minimum Connecting Time (MCT) for both sea to air and air to sea connections. Please book the ferry and air segment after availability display to ensure enough connecting time.

    Please do not use long segment sell or sell the ferry and air segments by separate transactions to avoid invalid connections.


  9. What passenger types can be booked?

    Adult and Child/Infant discount fares for the Ferry segment is applicable in some markets, please refer individual fare rules at time of booking


  10. Will the passenger get the CX* ferry boarding pass together with air boarding pass?

    There is no boarding pass for ferry service. Ferry ticket will be issued to passenger for boarding the ferry.


  11. Where and when can the passenger get the ferry ticket?

    For Sea to Air: 
    Passenger check in at ferry terminal (except Zhu Hai) and get the ferry ticket and boarding pass 90 minutes before departure.

    Passenger check in at Zhu Hai ferry terminal, get the ferry ticket from the “Overseas Routes Ticketing Office” 90 minutes before departure and check in air portion at “Hong Kong Airport Check-in Counter” at Ferry Terminal.

    For Air to sea:
    Passenger require to pick up the ferry ticket at “Ferry to Mainland/Macao Ticketing Counter”, located at HKIA transfer area E2, for ferry service 60 minutes before departure.


  12. Can the passenger baggage be checked through to the destination?

    Yes, Cathay Pacific and the Ferry companies offer the convenience of baggage tag through service. Baggage tag through allows the transfer of passenger baggage from the departure port to the final destination offering a hassle free journey.


  13. What is the baggage policy for the CX* Ferry Service?

    Cathay Pacific Policy applies to the following baggage handling:

    • Carry on and cabin baggage
    • Checked baggage
    • Extra Baggage Allowance
    • Excess Baggage charges

    Read the details of Cathay Pacific baggage policy.


  14. What are the processes for booking changes?

    For involuntary change (i.e. schedule changes and cancellations made by CX). Both Cathay Pacific and the Ferry company (3A) will try their best efforts to accommodation passengers on to next available ferry and ensure it is connectable to their flight.

    For voluntary changes (i.e. itinerary changes made by the passenger), cancel and re-booking rules applies and subject to availability.