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Cathay Credits Policy and Procedure

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We are pleased to introduce Cathay Pacific - Cathay Credits Policy. Due to the unprecedented circumstance, passengers may have not made up their mind when to travel again. Passengers are now given an opportunity to keep the full value of totally unused tickets as Cathay Credits and use them to book for future travel.

Rebooking and rerouting charges will be waived.




Voluntary Changes

  • Ticket issue date: on/before: 23Mar2020
  • Confirmed travel date on:  01Jun2020 to 31Mar2021
  • Country: Worldwide travel
  • Totally unused ticket.
  • Tickets are issued on Cathay Pacific (160) or Cathay Dragon (043), except agency discount (AD) ticket.

Planned Schedule Change or Involuntary Changes

  • This practice is also applicable for Planned Schedule Change or Involuntary Changes.
  • Country: Worldwide travel
  • Totally unused ticket
  • Tickets are issued on Cathay Pacific (160) or Cathay Dragon (043), except agency discount (AD) ticket.





  • Cancel all future confirmed flight segments on/before the original travel date to avoid no-shows (Note: in case past flight segment cancellation was not done timely prior to departure, the ticket is still valid as a Cathay Credits).
  • Inform the passenger to call back and rebook on/before 30Sep2021 when he/she has decided on the new travel date (subject to the flight availability). All further itinerary change beyond this date (30Sep2021) will be subject to penalty according to fare rules.
  • When passenger contacts to book a new itinerary:
    • If original PNR is still valid, please update the new flight segments in original PNR, and reprice the associated itinerary.
    • If original PNR is no longer valid, please create a new PNR and reprice the associated itinerary.
  • The new flights must be confirmed and the whole booking journey must be completed on/before 31Mar2022 or within ticket validity (whichever is earlier). 
  • Enter the Special Waiver Code FC in PNR SSR segment. 


Cathay Credits Consent Form

  • If original ticket is settled by a credit card using Cathay Pacific as the Merchant of Record, please remind passenger not to raise chargeback on the credit card payment.
  • Please request the credit cardholder to fill in the Cathay Credits Consent Form (Note: please do NOT inform passengers to fill in the Cathay Credits Request Form via Cathaypacific.com because this is solely for tickets purchased through our direct channel) and keep the record in your office for a minimum of two (2) years.
  • If the cardholder applies chargeback of the ticket value and travel agent cannot provide the Cathay Credits Consent Form to Cathay Pacific when requested, Cathay Pacific reserves the rights to issue ADMs to travel agent to recover all financial loss. 



  • Always reprice with current applicable fare (including taxes, fees and surcharges).
  • If new ticket value is higher than original ticket value (fare, taxes, fees & surcharges), calculate the total difference to be paid and collect the additional amount from passengers.
  • If new ticket value is lower than original ticket value (fare, taxes, fees & surcharges), calculate the refund amount and issue a residual value EMD and process refund to passenger.
  • The newly priced fare must observe and conform to the conditions of the respective fare rules, e.g. blackout dates, flight restrictions, weekday/weekend, seasonality and stopover charges…..etc.



  • Reissuance charges will only be waived due to the expiry of the original ticket or change of itinerary (rerouting).
  • Rerouting to/from/via Cathay Pacific online (marketing) cities by Cathay Pacific  marketing flights only, and subject to flight availability and fare or taxes difference.
  • Please type the waiver code FC in the endorsement box during reissuance and travel agents are NOT required to contact local sales team to grant the waiver code from time to time.
  • If other campaign (e.g. Fly (worry) free) is applicable when reissue, please type both campaign codes in endorsement box (e.g. FC FLEXFLY20).


EMD-A for Ancillary Services

  • If the passenger decides to rebook a chargeable service (e.g. Regular Seat or Extra Legroom Seat) on a new flight/date, the original EMD-A for “Regular Seat” or “Extra Legroom Seat” can be revalidated to the new flight/date with the same Origin and Destination (OD) on the same PNR or new PNR. The original EMD-A cannot be transferred to another OD nor another passenger.
  • If the itinerary is rerouted to a new destination, please apply refund for the original EMD-A and issue a new EMD-A for the new flight segment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Cathay Credits?

    If passengers are trying to plan ahead, they can now book with greater peace of mind. We are giving greater flexibility in their booking options in the future. 

    Passengers holding eligible tickets can cancel their existing flight bookings and retain the full value of the unused fare (including taxes, fees and surcharges) as Cathay Credits and use them to rebook a new itinerary in the future.

  2. Are partially used tickets eligible for Cathay Credits?

    No, partially used tickets are not eligible.

  3. Are Cathay Credits applicable for Cathay Pacific & Cathay Dragon tickets only?

    Yes, on 160 or 043 ticket stocks only.

  4. Passenger no-showed on original booking, are they eligible for Cathay Credits?

    Yes, they are allowed. Passenger may need to pay the no-show fee when rebook if applicable.

  5. How to calculate the new booking travel date and complete travel on/before 31Mar2022 or within ticket validity (whichever is earlier)? Can you share some examples?


    Passenger contacts for new booking on 30Sep2021 and request upsell from a 0-1month round trip fare to 0-3months round trip fare.

    For 3 months validity ticket, passenger can book as:

    Scenario 1 – within 3 months validity

    Outbound travel date: 20Dec2021 / Inbound travel date: 19Mar2022


    Scenario 2 – completed on/before 31Mar2022

    Outbound travel date: 10Jan2022 / Inbound travel date: 31Mar2022

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