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Business Plus

New B-Code Entry Guidelines

The new B-Code (Business Plus account number) should be entered in OSI field (SSR field for Amadeus agents) of the booking before travel, and Form of Payment box (FP) or Endorsement box (FE) during ticketing. If it is missing from any of the two fields, Business Plus points will not be accrued for your client.

The Business Plus account number is a 7 alphanumeric characters (e.g. HK90001) which your client will be able to find at the profile section on top of the Business Plus homepage.

Entry for Booking

Please replace ACCTNBR with the 7-character new B-Code (Business Plus account number).

OSI field - separate entry for CX and KA

Sabre / Abacus / Worldspan: 3OSI CX CRID ACCTNBR

SSR field


(*Associate with CX/KA flight segment and adult passenger when needed)

Entry for Ticketing

The format remains unchanged.

As a reminder, the format must be BCODE + ACCTNBR + Z

(e.g BCODEHK90001Z), where ACCTNBR is your Business Plus account number.

  • Bcode entry can be inputted in the Form of Payment box (FP) or Endorsement box (EI).
  • In FP, Bcode must be placed within the first 62 characters.
  • In EI, Bcode must be placed within the first 90 characters (at the start of EI box is most preferred).
  • Please place the full account number (e.g. BCODEHK90001Z) on one line. This applies to both FP/FE entries.