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Frequently asked questions

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  1. How much do Regular Seats and Extra Legroom Seats cost?
    As seat pricing may be subject to change from time to time, please refer to GDS displays and our NDC API responses for latest pricing.

  2. Are paid seats transferable to other passengers?
    No. All paid seats are non-transferrable.

  3. Can I void the EMD-A for paid seats?
    Similar to ETKT, the issuing office can void the EMD-A on the same calendar day of issuance, and before closure of sales, and the EMD-A remains open for use. The paid seats must be removed from the passenger booking before or right after the EMD-A is voided.

  4. How do I compute the ‘Ancillary Service Time Limit’?
    The service time limit varies between products and passenger categories. Please observe the deadline in the passenger booking.

  5. My customer has purchased an Extra Legroom Seat for his/her outbound journey. Can he/she use it for the inbound journey instead?
    The EMD-A must have the same route as the associated ETKT. Reroute is not allowed.

  6. My customer would like to change from an Extra Legroom Seat to another Extra Legroom Seat in the same flight. How should I proceed?
    Whenever the seat is available, you can proceed the seat change in the GDS without the need of exchange/reissue EMD-A provided that the seat type and price are the same.

  7. My customer has purchased an Extra Legroom Seat on a specific flight/date. Now the customer requests to change to a different flight and secure an Extra Legroom Seat. Should I refund the original EMD-A and issue a new one?
    Yes, you may, or alternatively, you can reassociate the original EMD-A to the new flight segment.

  8. My customer has purchased a Regular Seat. Later on, he/she requests to change to Extra Legroom Seat on the same flight/date. Can he/she just pay the fare difference for the seat change?
    Yes, you should refund the EMD of the Regular Seat in full amount and remit full payment of the Extra Legroom Seat and associate a new EMD-A to the booking. You can simply charge your customer the fare difference.

  9. My customer has purchased an Extra Legroom Seat and then requests to change to a chargeable Regular Seat. Is there any refund?
    In any circumstance, there is no refund when passengers voluntarily downsell to a cheaper seat product.

  10. Can a passenger request for a refund on the price difference when the current seat charge is lower than the time of the seat purchased? On the contrary, does the passenger need to pay the difference when the current seat charge is higher than the time of the seat purchase?
    Seat price is based on the time of the original request. Therefore, if the price goes up later before flight departure, Cathay Pacific will not ask for the price difference, and vice versa, the airlines will not refund the price difference if the price goes down before flight departure.

  11. If a customer bought a paid seat on the airlines’ website, can the agent modify or make subsequent changes for the customer in the GDS?
    No, the agent cannot modify his/her seat through GDS. Passenger can change to another paid seat (same seat type and price) in Manage Booking within the same flight (subject to availability). If the change involves flight/date change or seat type change, please contact Cathay Pacific Customer Care for seat rearrangement. (Flight/date change is subject to fare rules)

  12. My customer has purchased a paid seat. Is it possible to change the seat during online check in?
    Yes, passenger is allowed to change the seat during online check in. However, since it is a voluntary change, refund will not be permitted. 

  13. A Marco Polo Club Silver member holding a Light fare ticket is entitled to free seat assignment. However, the Silver member is later downgraded to Green status and he/she requests to change the seat again. What should the agent do?
    Paid Seat exemption is subject to the Marco Polo Club membership tier at the time of request. If the Marco Polo Club member status is changed to Green status after securing the seat for free, the original seat request will remain free. For any new request after membership status has changed, it is subject to the charge. Similar policy applies to companion(s) of the member who travel together.

  14. My customer is a Marco Polo Club Green member and he/she needs to pay for purchasing the Regular Seat. What is the handling procedure when my customer is being upgraded to Silver member later?
    Paid Regular Seat exemption is subject to Marco Polo membership tier at the time of request. If the Marco Polo member status has changed and is now eligible for a free Regular Seat, the original charges for the seat request that has not yet flown is non-refundable. Similar policy applies to companion(s) of the member.

  15. My customer has purchased a Regular Seat when he/she booked a Q class fare (existing system)/a Light fare (new system). Now my customer has upsold to a M class fare (existing system)/an Essential fare (new system) which he/she is entitled to have a free seat. Can he/she use the Paid Regular Seat amount to offset part of the upselling surcharge? (new system)
    Passenger can apply for a refund on the paid Regular Seat after upselling to higher fare brand in the same PNR. As the travel agent, it is at your discretion to reimburse the customer in the same transaction while you wait for Cathay Pacific to process the refund.

  16. If a Gold member is no longer travelling with his/her companion(s) (i.e. cancel booking, split bookings, or change to a different travel flight/date), does seat charges apply to his/her companion(s) and how to collect?
    Free-of-charge seat reservation is available only when the exempted member is travelling with the companion(s) within the same PNR. If the exempted passenger is no longer traveling with the companion(s), the seat reservation for the companion(s) will become chargeable. Please cancel, rebook, and reprice the seat in the PNR. If the agent fails to charge and issue an EMD for the companion(s), Cathay Pacific reserves the right to issue an ADM against the travel agency.   

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